Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 4 – Through the Gate

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update.  School has been wrecking me lately.  Anyhow, enjoy.  😉

Chapter 4 – Through the Gate

My first stop after the Jubilife Pokemon center was the Pokemon “School”.  And to my surprise, Tyson was there, memorizing stuff on a blackboard.  NOT the kind of thing I thought I’d ever see him do.  Seems he had been memorizing status effects.

“”It’s a trainer’s job to avoid having their precious Pokemon hurt in battle, right?” he quipped.  This sudden change really took me by surprise.  I guessed that his Chimchar must have wound up on the wrong end of a poison sting or something.

I delivered the package, which turned out to be a pair of town maps.  Useful.

We went our separate ways again, but before I could take more than a dozen steps, I was approached by a shady looking man in a suit.

Oh great Arceus no.  A salesman.

I took off like a horde of Tauros were after me.  And then I found out that one of his agents was blocking anyone from leaving town until the guy’s promo was over….

One inconvenient clown hunt later I poked my way up to route 204.  It wasn’t quite in the direction of the first gym, but it was worth checking out all the same.

Buddy the Budew joins the team!

After fending off a few trainers looking for a weak opponent to finish off, I explored further and found a cave, which was nothing more than a big dead end from this side.  Not really worth exploring.

Until something came flying for my neck, fangs bared and looking for blood.

Malice the Zubat joins the team!

That was all Jubilife had to offer.  It was still afternoon, and although time was going on, I decided to make the trek to Oreburgh that same day.  However, I wasn’t counting on meeting a friend just outside the city gates…

I had Buddy out in front to train him up.  It was clearly not going to be a match for Tyson’s Starly.  If it had wing attack, and his Chimchar had Ember…Sending out Beat or Buddy would be the worst possible move.  Malice was still too weak to be of any use either.  Everything rested on Ace.

“Ace…This is all on you!  Wreck that Starly!”.  And Ace knocked it out of the air with ease, crowing his victory loud.  Then out came chimchar.

“Ace, watch it!  He’s your level!”.  Ace clucked, amused.  <Level, THIS!> And then he dive bombed it, clapping it on both sides of the head with a forceful beat of his wings.

And it was a beautiful attack.  Chimchar hit the floor dazed and incapable of fighting any further.  Ace had felled him with one perfect wing attack.

Tyson took his loss badly…

He took off to Oreburgh at top speed.  I chose to turn back and treat Ace’s injuries, however light they were.

By this time the sun was falling.  Still, I wanted to scout out the route ahead, and hopefully make it to Orebugh before it got too dark.

Diva the Cricketot joins the team!

I met a trainer along the route who seemed desperate to prove himself, nearly pushing his Machop to death in our battle.  He felt he was worthless without a gym badge.  I set the record straight for him.  It wasn’t long before I found out who had put these thoughts in his head.  A lass ahead had the Oreburgh badge…I was worried for a moment… but my team and I took her down a peg with ease.  If someone like her can take on a Gym and succeed…I shouldn’t worry.

After an hour of travel, I came up to a cave…Apparently Oreburgh was on the other side…I weighed the consequences, and pushed forwards recklessly.  I wanted to reach Oreburgh that night.

After a VERY creepy encounter with a hiker guy who was a little too happy to give me his rock smash HM (he had a gaze CREEPIER than professor rowan…No lie.), I crept into the shadows of the cave.  I tried to use Malice as a radar system…but I couldn’t understand her yet.  Frustrated, I called her back and proceeded slowly….Promptly tripping over a rock and faceplanting.  I groaned, getting to my feet and angrily kicking the offending rock.

Which promptly came back for revenge.

“BEAT!  GET IT!” I screamed, chucking him out while diving out of the Geodude’s way.  Beat blinked frantically, unused to the darkness of the cave, and tried to position himself between me and the now vanished Geodude.  There was a roar, and the rocky pokemon came flying out of the shadows.  Beat lunged at it, but was easily swatted aside.  I screamed and ducked, bracing myself for the crunching impact of 44 pounds of high speed rock pokemon.

The geodude slowed and rolled along the floor.  Its eyes rolled back, and with a low moan, it began to shrivel up, drained of all the liquid in its stone body.  <You ok, Master?>.  I nodded slowly.  “Yeah…Thanks, Beat.” Beat growled and pawed at the dead Geodude.  <Sorry, got overzealous.  Didn’t mean to kill it.  I know you hate that>.  I tore my gaze away from the geodude (now crumbling into a pile of dusty rubble).  “It’s ok, Beat.  Let’s….Let’s just get out of this damn cave.”.

I’d seen a pokemon die once before.  A Starly, caught in a wild Shinx’s jaws.  It wasn’t pretty, but at least that death felt…like part of nature.  This time, however, I felt like I was personally responsible.  I was reminded of how fragile all of this was…I had avoided killing any of my opponent’s pokemon up till now, nor had I lost anyone…That Geodude’s dried husk was a wake up call.  I could lose anyone.  And if I or my team weren’t careful, we could kill another person’s dear friend…  I shook off the feeling and moved ahead with Beat.  I had to put it behind me.  My pokedex beeped out a warning.  I had failed to capture the first pokemon in this area.  That was it for this place…

I pushed ahead, through a few other trainers bumbling around in the dark, and I soon began to regret my recklessness.  To my surprise, however, I saw moonlight within a few more minutes of walking.  This was hardly a cave.  I opened my map, and sure enough it was ‘Orebugh GATE’ and not ‘Oreburgh CAVE’.  I silently thanked Arceus for that, and stepped down into Oreburgh.

“Hey, Mister!  You lost?”  Called a young voice.  A youngster jogged up to me.  “Hey…You don’t even have a badge yet!  You must be new!”

I wasn’t ready to take on a gym just yet…but I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least scope it out.  So I followed him and to my surprise…

Not only was Tyson there, but he had managed to take out the leader.  Of a Rock type gym.  With a fire type starter.  With no apparent casualties.  Just after I wrecked him with ONE pokemon.  My mind was blown.  Either he’d gotten in some serious training since the afternoon, or this gym leader was a total pushover.

As it turned out, the Leader was out.  At some mine apparently.  That suited me just fine.  I needed to rest anyhow.  And I wanted to get in some more training, just to be sure we were ready, before I took on an actual gym.  I decided to wait until the leader came back.

I crashed for the night at the local pokemon center, allowing Beat to cuddle up to my neck again.


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