Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 5 – Rock out

Sorry it’s been so long, this past school semester was the heaviest one I have ever had to deal with.  I’ll try to update a little more frequently now that the moon of work has ceased trying to crush the clock town of my life.  And if you got that, give yourself a cookie, you’re officially cool.

Rock out

…Would someone tell me who, in Arceus’ name spends 2 weeks in a mine shaft and doesn’t even come out to eat?  I mean, aside from the gym leader from Oreburgh, of course.

I wanted to be polite and just wait for him to come back to man his gym, but apparently he finds rocks more interesting than pokemon battles.  How he became a gym leader I do not know…

Then again, this whole town is seemingly obsessed with mining.  I dropped by the coal museum at some point, for lack of anything better to do…and found it lacking.  Aside from one guy telling me how he’s working on a device to turn fossilized pokemon back into living ones.  He was a blast to listen to before the rest of the museum staff dragged him off, muttering something about “Oh don’t mind him, he’s a little silly.  He just doesn’t understand the joys of coal!”.

Although even that PALED in comparison to this weird guy.
Seriously.  0_o  Zubats are many things (Annoying, numerous, etc), but cute is not one of them…

Finally, Beat and I got fed up waiting and headed down into the mine.  To be honest, I was impressed with their setup.  They seemed to be switching to a more automatic mining operation, and phasing out the old machop squads that were running around pulverizing rocks.

Another Geodude attacked.  This time I took no risks.  No grass type moves.  Only tackles.

Breaker the Geodude Joins the team!

To my surprise, the mines were a lot smaller than I thought.  It was just a simple loop around.  And that’s when we found this guy.

And then he just walked out.  …….I kid you not.  He seemed to have been waiting for two weeks just to show off Rock Smash to someone, anyone.

Well, two can play at that waiting game.  I hung out in the mine for a while longer, training a bit against the workers.  And then a worker chucked out an Onix…Which Buddy made short work of, having just learned Mega Drain.  By the time I felt sunlight again, Beat had also picked up a new trick.

And so, the time finally came…”You ready, Beat?  Buddy?  This is where it all begins.”

I was confident.  I had two grass types.  I had the advantage.

Within minutes, I was facing the gym leader, Beat at my side.  Roark stood and faced us.
I jerked my thumb over my shoulder at the arena littered with leaves and exhausted and defeated Rock pokemon.  “I think we’ve got the potential you’re looking for, Roark”.  He grinned and the battle began…
<Lemme at him> Beat growled.  I shook my head.  “You’re my ace in the hole.  I’ll let Buddy start things off”.  Roark let fly a geodude….That almost immediately found itself drained and unconscious from one single Mega Drain.  Roark laughed “A fun little trick, trainer!  Let’s see how you fare against Onix!”.  Beat darted out and jumped in front of Buddy.  <Master!  Let.  Me.  FIGHT!>  I sighed “alright, alright!  Fine!”.

Roark’s Onix towered over Beat and struck at him, hard.  Beat let out a cackle and let fly a swarm of Razor sharp leaves…That the Onix swiftly dodged.  Beat was sent flying, bouncing hard off a wall.  <I got this…I got this….RAZOR LEAF!>  Again, he missed.  Again the Onix punished him.  “Beat!  Enough!”  <No..Got…to…finish…this…in one…SHOT!>  Beat finally hit his mark, peppering the Onix with sharp leaves, but although it swayed weakly, it wasn’t quite done yet…Cold sweat dripped down my neck. “Beat, you’ve done enough.  Fall back.  Buddy can finish-”  Beat snarled <I got this!  Lemme at him!  Don’t you dare pull me out!>.  “No.  You’re coming ba-STOP!”  Beat suddenly charged ahead.  For a moment I was angry, then I saw why he had charged.  Roark had taken advantage of our distraction to pull out a potion and was healing his Onix.  <OH NO YOU DON’T!  MY ENERGY!  ABSORB!>  This time, the onix didn’t remain standing.

Roark tossed out another pokeball, sending out a raptorlike beast, a “Craniados” if my pokedex was right.  Roark taunted.
I stared down his last pokemon, considering my options.  “Beat!  Let’s do this slow and steady!”.  Beat nodded, and planted his feet.  Roark must have thought I was going to retreat Beat because he yelled “Craniados!  INTERCEPT IT!  PURSUIT! GO!”.  Beat braced himself and took the hit, grabbing onto Craniados with his front paws.  <Gotcha.  ABSORB!>.  Craniados managed to wrestle itself free and get out of range faster faster than I thought, still quite healthy.  The two pokemon circled each other and Craniados suddenly charged.  <Master!  I know what to do!  Take cover!>.  I nodded.  “Take him down”.  Beat lunged forward towards his foe, and leaped into the air above him, spinning rapidly.  I suddenly realized exactly why taking cover was the only sane option, and judging by Roark’s suddenly pale face, he did too.  We both dove behind rocks as a veritable storm of sharp-edged leaves sprayed the entire gym, leaving slice marks all over the stone.

I peeked out, and nearly got trampled by the still charging Craniados, the razor leaves still stuck in its rocky hide, some wounds actually bleeding.  Blinded by the shock, it continued its reckless charge forward, collided with a wall and finally keeled over, utterly spent.  I winced as some of Craniados’ pain seeped into my Link.  Beat had given him a hell of a thrashing.  <HAH!  How was that?>  “What do you want me to say Beat?  That was…Brutal.  Not bad, just…Brutal.”  Beat snickered gleefully, taking it as the compliment it was.

Roark still looked stunned at his loss.  “Well, Trainer.  That was…A lot more than I expected from you.  That other young lad I faced before said you were a soft one.  Clearly, I was wrong to believe him.”.  Roark shook his head.

With little ceremony, he tossed me a Coal Badge.  “Well, you’ve certainly earned it.  The road ahead will be challenging, but I think you’ll do alright, trainer.  Good luck to you and that…vicious beast of yours”.

And so, I took my first real step towards my goal.  One gym badge down.  7 to go.

Ark earned the Coal Badge!


3 thoughts on “Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 5 – Rock out

  1. Did you really miss that Onix twice? That must have been quite worrisome.

    Also, you might want to be careful with clarity. Sentences like “That other young lad I faced before said you were a soft one. Clearly, I was wrong.” create confusion in the reader. I know people sometimes talk that way, but reading is a whole different experience and you want to make this an almost lived experience. That said, sentences need to always flow.

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