Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 6 – Enter Team Galactic

I really hope that color-sibling joke doesn’t fly over everyone’s head…

And before anyone asks, yes, I do in fact have a phobia of wasps.


Enter Team Galactic

Our victory celebrations were brief.  After all, we lost two weeks waiting for that son of a Houndour to come out of that mine.  We had a lot of catching up to do.

The next gym was in Eterna city, so I’d heard.  Beat and I figured it would be best to make a beeline straight for it by taking the shortcut through route 207.  Which turned out to be no good.

Apparently there was some kind of mudslide on the only stairs up the cliff.  I’d need a bike, preferably with studded tires, ten speeds and a blue paint job to make it up that slippery slope.  (Well, the blue paint is optional, I suppose).

The only other way to Eterna would be a detour through that cave north of Jubilife.  Which was blocked last I remembered.  It took me a snide, and slightly condescending remark from Ace to figure out what to do.  <Oh if ONLY you had some move that could break rocks and a gym badge that allowed you to use it…Then you could get through that cave…> “OH RIIIIIIIGHT, forgot about that…”.

Before leaving the route I poked around in the grass for a new pokemon.  And lo and behold…

So I finally had a fighting type on my team.  For about half an hour.  You see, I’d spent the two weeks crashing at one of the apartments, and I had gotten to be friends with one of the tenants, a young girl who called herself Violet (And her brother Burgundy), and I stopped by to say hi.  They were amazed that I took on Roark and won, and I got treated to yet another display of “I’m gonna be a trainer and a hero too someday!  I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was!”.  She really took a liking to the new Machop and well, one thing led to another.

Kazza the Abra joins the team!

Kazza ………Umm…I don’t even think he ever even listened to me whenever I talked to him.  He just sat there and….did nothing all day.  My Link with him was literally returning a blank empty signal…At the time I saw that as a bad thing…But later…Well, that’s for another time.

So, mildly annoyed at the fact that my trip for Oreburgh had been nothing but a mild detour (save for the Gym Badge), I headed up to the Oreburgh gate and-

And off he went again at top speed. I better get a bike fast.  I can’t have him beating me EVERYWHERE.

Now that I had Rock smash, I decided I could spare a few minutes to poke deeper into the Gate.  I soon found a flash TM.  Next to a discarded baseball cap with oddly familiar bite marks in the fabric.  I briefly wondered if Zubats were carnivores.  …And then got dive bombed by one as it screeched what sounded suspiciously like <HUNGEEEERRRRRR>.

……………Anyway, I made it back to Jubilife in record time and after a quick stop at the Center (And a therapist), we decided to make a dash for the next town.

Until I ran right into a commotion at the town entrance.  Professor Rowan and Dawn and….two weirdos in bowl cuts.

“Now now, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable way to resolve this without viol-”

“Oh that’s not gonna fly”.  Beat pawed the ground <Can I get ’em Master?>  “We’ll see”.  The two goofballs in space suits sent out a Wumple and a… *eyetwitch* Zubat. “…I’ll let Ace take this one.  He needs the training.  GET EM.”  I growled, pointing Ace’s pokeball at the Wurmple and hitting the button.

Ace shot out of his pokeball the second it popped open, making a beeline for the enemy Wurmple, deftly knocking it flying with a sharp flick of his wings.  The Wurmple’s collision with the ground moments later did not do the poor thing any favors.

The Zubat stood no chance either.  Ace crippled its right wing with a quick attack and the Zubat was in no shape to avoid the stream of bubbles that Dawn’s Piplup fired at it.

Benevolent my bidoof’s front teeth.  These guys have ‘incompetent criminal nincompoops’ written all over them

And then a reporter rushed up, apparently having caught that battle on tape.  Looks like I was gonna make the evening news, lucky me.

The battle wasn’t all that rough, so I pushed on without going back to the Pokemon Center.  The cave and road ahead were a piece of cake, as I had expected.  Aside from a few oddball trainers who got utterly wrecked by my team, the trip was distraction free.  And despite his endless silence, I got the feeling Kazza was paying very close attention to the battles he was watching…I could not WAIT for this guy to evolve and be of use to the team.

Less than an hour after I left Jubilife, I walked into Flowri…umm….Florida?  No….Umm…*checks map*  Floaroma town.

I really didn’t like the look of the town, not one bit…Too many flowers.  It brought back some bad memories… Have you ever been walking through a field of flowers as a kid, only to get stung in the arm by a Beedrill while it screams <DIEDIEDIEAHAHAHAHAHAADIEEEEEEE> into your brain as it dives at you?  It’s not fun.  I swear to Arceus I still have the scars.  Both physical AND mental.

Pictured below:  How I remember it

Team Galaxia or whatever they called themselves was causing trouble on the other end of the flower field, but no force in Sinnoh was gonna make me cross that flowery sea of death.  So I headed out to the next route, wanting to get as far away from that terrible town as I could.

Of course, “Team Galaxia or whatever they called themselves” had two thugs guarding the bridge I needed to cross to get to Eterna, refusing to let anyone pass.  And it’s hard to argue with a guy who has a Skuntank out with her tail raised and pointed directly at you.

So I decided to kill some time and wander around, when I came upon a little girl looking for her papa, who had apparently been trapped by “mean guys in space suits in the valley windworks!”  …Oh for the love of Arceus.  Kidnapping?  REALLY?  Where were the cops and their stable supply of Growlithes when you needed them?

Apparently, nowhere, so it was up to me to clean this mess up.

I marched up to the valley windworks and approached the grunt on duty.  “Sorry, Team Galactic past this point only, bro” he said “We got some really important stuff going on here, and we can’t have everyone just walking in and bothering us”.  I didn’t move.

“Yup”.  “Do you know what we do to people who try to interfere?  …WE BATTLE THEM!”  “That’s it?  That’s all you do?”  “Well…THEN we order our pokemon to beat the stuffing out of the trainer”.  “Yeah, that’s not gonna fly.  Beat.  Get ’em”

Although the grunt’s Glameow was pretty decently leveled for this area, it stood no chance against the barrage of leaves that Beat unleashed.  The grunt winced as he retreated his Glameow.  “Why did they think I could guard the door with such a pathetic po-”  “Ok grunt, listen up.  You will let me in and-HEY!”.  The grunt turned around, made a mad dash for the door, and locked it behind him as Beat peppered the door with Razor Leaves.  “HAH!  There’s no way you can get in here now!  The only other key to this place is with the other grunts past the flower fields!  There’s no way you can take all of them out!”  The grunt cackled.

And so I had no choice but to go back to the flowery fields of terror.

Umm…Well…On second thought, maybe I’ll take my chances with that Skuntank…

*The original beedrill image (before I butchered it in paint) can be found here*


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