Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 7 – Showdown at the valley windworks

Man, trying to keep these weekly is hard work!

Showdown at the valley windworks

I waited until nightfall.  No way I was crossing that minefield of flowers in daylight.  Once I was sure it was reasonably safe, I started to tiptoe through the tulips pleading to Mew and Arceus not to let me get assaulted by another beedrill.

And I made it.  Finally.  The two grunts (now harassing some poor old guy) were not happy to see me.  Even less so when Ace was done with them.  They took off at top speed, screaming as Ace flapped around their heads cackling.  In fact they were in such a rush that they somehow DROPPED the key to the valley windworks.  …There’s incompetent, and then there are THESE guys.

I gave them a bit of a head start and then carefully crossed back into Floaroma, made a quick stop at the Center and then…

Let’s do this.  I inserted the key, unlocked the door, and kicked it wide open.

Yup.  You are the loser in this.  Next time, don’t give it to a pair of klutzes with really weak pokemon.  You’re just asking for someone to mess you guys up.

I took down a few grunts and sent them packing.  One guy approached, looking pretty confident.

…..And all he had was a Cascoon…”And just how, pray tell, do you intend to stop me with a pokemon that can only sit still and harden?  What kinda ‘professional’ criminal are you?!”

Suddenly, Ace burst into what looked like pure light.

<Whoa!  I’m evolving!>  I’d never seen a pokemon evolve before.  Well, aside from on Pokemon Discovery.  And it’s just never the same as in person, you know?

Ace’s eyes were the last thing to stop glowing.  <Oh WOW, check this body OUUUUT!>  He crowed.  <I am SO gonna wreck the next thing to cross my path!>.  Then he looked meaningfully at the ‘professional’ grunt we had just owned, who had the good sense to take that as his signal to run for the hills.

And so I approached the main research room.  “Alright, Team Galaga, this party is over.  GET OUT.”.  “GALACTIC, boy!  Get it right!”  Said the woman (I think?  I really could not tell…) in charge.  She looked me over disdainfully.  “I’m one of Team Galactic’s three Commanders.  My name is Mars.”  She frowned “You seem to match the description of the one who send my grunts packing in Jubilife.  Here is what I just don’t seem to understand.  We’re trying to create a new world, one that’s much better than this one!  And yet everyone shows so little understanding about what we do-”  I snorted in disbelief “Misunderstand what?  Your grunts are thugs who kidnap people, threaten young kids with assault with a deadly pokemon, and try to steal anything you can get your hands on.  What is there to misunderstand?  You guys are criminals!”

Mars glared at me.  “A few hurt feelings are well worth bringing about our new world.  Tell you what, we’ll have a battle right here.  If you beat me, I’ll take my grunts and leave.  If you lose, you leave.  With my boot up your rear end!”  She said, flinging a Zubat into the ring.  I weighed my options and sent Ace in.  “Zubat!  Slag that thing!  TOXIC!”.  Ace took a faceful of purple goop the second he was free from his Pokeball.  <GAH, Ark…This…This isn’t normal poison!>  I narrowed my eyes.  “Make the KO!  I’ll switch you out the second you get it done!”.  Ace let out a screech and let that Zubat have it.  I kept my word, sending Beat out to face the enemy’s Purugly.  Beat grinned <You’re one fat cat!  Let’s trim some of that off!  RAZOR LEAF!>.  …And the Purugly just shrugged it off.  That wasn’t good…

I pulled an antidote from my bag and took my eyes off the battle for a moment to inject an antidote spray into Ace’s pokeball…And then a scream rocked my Link.

I looked up to see Beat sailing through the air, a vivid and deep looking scratch mark marring his belly, before he hit a wall and collapsed, shivering in pain.  <I…I don’t think I can keep going…Sorry master…>.  The Galactic boss grinned.  “Purugly!  Go for the kill!”.  I flung Ace’s pokeball and fumbled Beat’s ball…It rolled out of reach.  “BEAT!  GET BACK GET BACK!  ACE!  GO!”  Ace came out, took one look at Beat’s condition and screeched furiously at the Purugly.  Even though I didn’t hear any words, his meaning was clear as he flapped aggressively in the fat cat’s face, forcing it to take a few nervous steps back.  “ACE  FLY CLOSE!”  I primed a potion and sprayed him as he passed.  “GO FOR A BEATDOWN!”  They traded blows back and forth and I kept spraying Ace whenever he passed by in need of a patch-up.  The Purugly was fast.  Faster than Ace for sure.  No matter where ace clapped his wings, the fat cat would always catch him first.  And then I saw one of it’s knees twitch.  “Now, Ace!  NAIL IT!”.  Ace swooped low and pushed himself hard, aiming his beak right between his foe’s eyes.  The Purugly raised a claw…And got a faceful of Ace’s high speed quick-attack before he could bring it down.  It moaned and made a very loud thump as it keeled over.

I sighed in relief.  “Good work guys.  Ace, are you ok?”  <Yup>  “Beat?”  <I’ll…Manage…Owww….>.  I recalled him to his ball, despite his protests.  I knew that being in the ball would slow the progress of his injury.  I had to get him to a center in a hurry.

True to their word, team Galactic left, and I was able to reunite the lost little girl from earlier with her papa.  And I found out what the gang was doing here.  They were apparently trying to harness a huge amount of energy for some unknown purpose.  I was getting mighty curious about what they were really trying to accomplish with that…

A few minutes later, back in Floaroma, the local nurse handed Beat back over to me, looking good as new.  “You feeling better?”  <Yeah…That’ll teach me to be overconfident.  Guess I just can’t blast my way though everything just yet,>.  I took this as a warning…I had come dangerously close to losing my closest friend…I re-stocked on potions and splurged on a dozen Super potions.  My guys were getting to the point where normal potions were no longer gonna cut it in emergencies.

We wound up crashing at the home of a friend of the scientist and…

YES!  Time for some footage of me beating Team Galaga!

Huh….Oh well that could still be.-

What?  WHAT?!  I kicked a criminal organization’s butt this morning!  And they thought this was REALLY gonna be a better sto-

Oh sweet Arceus no.


Zero indeed!  That’s what my reputation is going to be after everyone watches this!

…Yeah, Like anyone will take me seriously now.  …….Well, at least this might give me an advantage against other gym leaders.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

Oh who am I kidding.  I’m going to bed and forget that everyone saw that.


2 thoughts on “Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 7 – Showdown at the valley windworks

  1. LOL! I like how the story is structured to explain why you aren’t famous. Pokemon seems to have become much more aware of how to right an over-arching plot in recent generations.

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