So I made an RPG in 2 weeks.

First of all, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating.  I got hit with a multi-hit combo that killed all my free time.

First, tons of assignments.  Then I got sick.  Then I had a midterm.

Then, a site I go on decided to hold a contest.  Make an RPG using the demo version of RPGMaker VX Ace in two weeks.

I could not resist.

So I made a game in 2 weeks.  It was pretty grueling.  Between all the scenes, and the maps, and the balancing (oh gosh…the balancing…That took a week on its own), it took every bit of free time I had.

🙂  But I do not regret it.  It was a fun experience.

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering, YES, you CAN play it!

Down below is a link to the game’s profile, which talks about the story, the gameplay, and has the download.

😉  Enjoy everyone.


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