Diamond Version Nuzlocke Run – Part 9 – Nervous respite

I’m sorry it’s been so long.  x_x  I have no excuse.

Current Team:
Beat (Grotle)
Ace (Staravia)
Lilli (Shellos)
Malice (Zubat)
Buddy (Budew)
Kazza (Kadabra)

Nervous respite

I was tired and wanted to hit the sack ASAP that night.

However, someone else had other plans.

Then the Galactic grunt paused to take in my positively venomous glare, and I saw his eyes wander over to Beat, who was at my side pawing the ground and growling.  The grunt gulped, probably regretting having hailed me.  “N-Nevermind…You look really tough..I won’t take…I mean you can keep your pokemon…”

<Should I take him out, master?> Beat let out a long low growl, and the grunt gulped.  I glared at his rapidly whitening face.  “If I so much as hear a whisper of you stealing some poor kid’s pokemon, I will sic Beat on you.  In fact, he’s asking me right now if he can eat the mean old kidnapper man.  Should I let him?”  Beat stomped his foot and made a biting motion just to make sure he got the message.  The grunt ran for his life, and I could swear I smelt that he’d wet his pants.

Shaking my head, I went to explore the town a bit, thinking this was just a one-off problem.  Turns out, it wasn’t.  The place was crawling with Team Galactic bozos  I heard numerous complaints of stolen pokemon, and half the town seemed content to look the other way!

Eventually I pieced together that Team Galactic had set up some kind of outpost here.  I headed in the general direction that the grunt had fled in, knowing that he’d lead me right to the source of the problem.  I caught sight of a strange building that didn’t fit in with the rest, and I could see a pack of grunts walking around past the glass doors.  I would have marched right in and given the whole lot of them hell right there, had they not installed the best anti-trainer security available.   More of those weird prickly bushes.  I couldn’t get in.  That’s when I noticed the sign.

“…….What.  WHAAAAAT?!  I…Wha-They aren’t even being subtle about it!”  <About what?>  Quipped Beat.  “The sign!  Just…READ THE SIGN!”  <I can’t read human, Master!  What’s it say?>

<…Yup, definitely not subtle.>

I glared at the prickly bushes.  There had to be some way past them…  I didn’t notice the trainer until they were a few feet away.

She was a young woman, about my age.  Apparently she was here to look into pokemon mythology.  There was a statue here of a powerful ancient pokemon in this city that intrigued her.  With lack of anything better to do at the time, I followed.

I glanced at her “So no one is sure what this pokemon is?”  Cynthia shook her head.  Beat shrugged <No idea here either.  Been in the professor’s lab ever since I was an egg, and he never showed me anything like that.>.  Ace popped out of his ball, uncalled for, startling both me and Cynthia <I think I know what it is!  When I was just hatched, my mom told me a story about something called the ‘Mother of Time’.  It looks a lot like the pokemon in the story!>.  I relayed this to Cynthia who cocked an eyebrow at me “You’re telling me your pokemon just spoke to you?  I find that hard to believe.  But noted, all the same”.  She turned to leave, then stopped.  “I notice you were staring at those bushes, earlier.  You know there’s an HM that lets you cut those down, right?”.

My ears perked up at that.  “Where do I get one?”.  “You’ll have to find a league-sponsored trainer to give one to you.  We can’t just have everyone allowed to use moves like that outside of direct combat!  People might get hurt!”.  I nodded.  Anything that could shred one of those bushes would be pretty harmful in the wrong hands.  Cynthia looked thoughful for a moment “You’re taking the league challenge, I presume?”  “Yes, I’ve already got a Coal badge.”  “So you’re not a complete novice, then.  The gym challenge is tough.  Nigh unbeatable if you consider the champion and the elite four.  What makes you think you can succeed?”  “I-….Well, I promised Beat that I’d try.  We have a goal.  One that can only be accomplished by taking the champion’s seat.  We want to change the rules to better protect pokemon in battle.  The way the rules are…it’s too dangerous.  Pokemon are dying, and they shouldn’t be.”  Cynthia suddenly looked rather annoyed “So, you want to change the system, yet you partake in it.  That seems rather irresponsible.”  Beat growled angrily at that.

Cynthia shrugged “Well, there are worse reasons to aim for the top.  What’s your name, then, trainer?”  “Ark”  She tossed me a disk.  “Best of luck to you, Ark.  I hope we cross paths again.”  And then she was gone.

Beat and I made a beeline for the Galactic Building.  Unfortunately the HM refused to boot up, demanding proper authorization.  I’d need to get league permission to use the Cut move out of battle to get past those prickly deathtraps.

Well, fortunately, the next gym was right he-…Oh for Mew’s sake.  A GRASS Gym.  <What’s wrong with-Oh.>  “Yeah.  Ace and Kazza are my only star players in here.  And Kazza is…”  <Weird?>  “I was gonna say psychotic.  And lazy.  This isn’t gonna be a picnic”.

I didn’t trust this place enough to sleep here.  Not with pokemon theft running rampant.  I would have to take on the gym as soon as humanly possible.

I picked up some energy roots at a nearby herb store.  Beat took one sniff and reeled away.  <UGH!  You’re not gonna make me eat that are you?!>  “If it’ll save your life, yeah”.  <I’d better not get hurt then.>

And then, I ran into someone unexpected.

He was impressed at how fast I was progressing, and offered me something to speed things along.  He called it an EXP. SHARE.  All caps.  It was some experimental technology designed to allow pokemon that weren’t in battle to learn directly from those that did fight.  He started going into the theory, going on about temporal brainwave duplication, but quickly realized I was lost.  In any case, this would be quite useful.  We parted ways, with him promising to say hi to Dawn for me.

It was late.  Very late.  I could feel my eyelids drooping.  But I had a job to do.  Holding back a yawn, I stepped through the doors of the second gym…


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