About me

Real name:  Philip
Alias: Aegix Drakan
(It’s pronounced ey-jix dray-kin)

Greetings friend, stay awhile and listen!

The name’s Phil.  I’m something of an aspiring writer, a computer science student, and dedicated video game lover.  I enjoy everything from puzzle games to shooters.  Civilization to Borderlands.  Sonic to Harvest moon.  Custom Robo to Crono Trigger.

I’ve had plenty of game related ideas over the years, but never really bothered formalizing them.  Plus, I’ve always enjoyed writing, especially fictional stories.  Then one day, the idea of starting a blog hit me.  Not only will this let me share any ideas I have, but it will give me an outlet to use to express stuff that I write.  Plus, I can share cool games I’ve experienced with others.

I hope to someday make it as a story writer for video games, or at least be part of the game industry in some way or another.  Games bring joy to me, and I want to share that joy with everyone.

I’m currently the main story/narrative writer for a small indie RPG team, and I have a little RPGmaker experiment on the side I’m using to practice writing more believable characters.

So welcome, friends.  I hope you enjoy your stay on my Wavelength.


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