(kickstarter) GoD Factory, the final push!

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been updating.  Been busy as hell with so very little free time.  When things quiet down, I’ll try to update more.

In the meantime, this was important enough to make me jump on to share:

That’s right.  That amazing space combat game I was raving about earlier this summer is back.

And it needs your help.

They have one week left to meet their kickstarter goal.  And they’re still far from it.

They have a (frankly awesome) alpha build up on their site to try, if you’re not convinced.  And trust me, you WILL be convinced after trying it out.

The game is awesome and the devs are community loving.  This game deserves to succeed.  Let’s make that a reality.

If you don’t want to back them, at least share their kickstarter with your friends.  Find anyone you know who likes space combat games and show it to them.

Link to Kickstarter

For those who don’t know what GoD Factory is (I’d be surprised, seeing as how I don’t think I got any new followers since I last raved about how awesome this game is), I’ll give you a rundown.

It’s team-based space combat game where you customize your own ship from four different races, and thousands of parts and take two of those custom ships into battle.  There’s a huge variety of guns (from beams to homing missiles to EMP waves) racial abilities (teleportation, decoys, etc) and common abilities (shield recharge to a stall-inducing super lock on to sabotaging the enemy carrier) to choose from, each one contributing to a different play style.

The object is to cripple the enemy’s gigantic carrier ship by taking out various parts (like the Cannon, Radar or Ammo Depot) until you destroy it, while also protecting your own carrier.  Furthermore, the cannons on each of your ships will fire every 3 minutes and take a point off the enemy.  Crippling individual carrier parts with your custom gunships will have additional effects on the enemy team (Blowing up the cannon increases their charge time from 3 minutes between shots to 5 minutes between shots, and destroying the ammo depot reduces the amount of ammo the enemy can recharge when they dock their ships, for example).

Also, the game arena is littered with various bits of space debris that you can use to lose pursuers and dogfight in.  Losing someone by ducking into a curvy space pipe and then hiding in ambush as they try to boost through is really fun.  To say nothing of snatching a win from nowhere by co-coordinating a proper assault on the enemy ship’s Power Core (which is INSIDE the enemy ship).

If you’re not convinced, try out their free alpha.  If that piece of awesome doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

Oh, and did I mention it’s compatible with the Oculus Rift, AND you can play against your friends regardless of which operating system you’re running?  You can be playing on Linux, One of your buddies on a Mac, and your enemy on a PC and you can all play together.  Linux people!  You keep asking for quality games!  This is one of them!

Link to Kickstarter


Steam Summer sale 2013 – Games to look out for.

So it’s that time of year again.  The time when Steam comes around and says “Hey, that’s a nice wallet out have there!  It’d be a SHAME if someone emptied it…OH LOOK CHEAP GAMES!  EVERYWHERE!  :D”

Given that, I thought it’d be nice for me to hammer out a list of games that I think are work picking up if they go on sale.  I’d like to have Spotlighted all of them, but…You’ll just have to settle for a list.

XCOM Enemy unknown:  A fantastic Turn based strategy game that I’m shocked I haven’t spotlighted yet.  It’s extremely challenging and will suck you in for hours at a time.

Bastion:  A tight, immersive and all around fun action RPG.

Borderlands 2:   Yeah yeah, I know.  Most of you have already decided a long time ago if you wanted it or not.  But I’ll recommend it all the same.  Especially if you have friends to play it with.

Deus Ex, and Deus Ex Human Revolution:  Ok, The Deus Ex games are way up there among my favourite games.  Human revolution is actually my favourite game of all time, for the moment.  If you can snap these games for cheap, do it.  If you get the original game, though, be prepared for some clunkyness.  If you haven’t played a Deus Ex game yet…Wait…Why HAVEN’T you played a Deus Ex game yet?!

Dreamkiller:  It’s one of those oldschool run-and-run-circle-strafe-twitch-reflex FPS games.  It’s also really fun.  My only complaint is that it has the best premise EVER (you are a psychologist who can dive into people’s minds to literally KILL their phobias) and it doesn’t really do it justice.

Dungeon defenders:  Got friends who like Action RPGS and tower defense?  Get this and get them to get it.

Dust, an Elysian Tail:  Just go read my spotlight, I gave it a glowing review  😛

FTL – Faster Than Light:  A fantastic little space themed roguelike where defeat comes often, and the victory must be EARNED.  I got a lot of mileage out of this game.

Galactic Civilizations 2:  You want a civlization game in space?  Where you can make your own ships?  And face off against wacko aliens?  GET IT.

Half Minute Hero:  Bite sized RPG packed with humor.  It’s like a large collection of RPG themed puzzles!

Hotline Miami:  It’s super meat boy meets no more heroes, from a top down view.  If any of that perked your ears up, GRAB IT.

Lone Survivor:  For a 16 bit sidescrolling horror game, it really manages to nail the atmosphere, even though it ends a little too soon.

Mark of the Ninja:  I spotlighted it.  😀  Go get it!

Poker night at the inventory / Poker night 2:  Did you ever want to play poker with Max from Sam and Max and other various game and internet characters?  Get it.  They’re both fantastic games.  While Poker night 2 had more “game” to it, I prefer the first one just because I find the characters in that one funnier.

Recettear:  An RPG where you also run the Item shop.  It’s a nifty idea and I really enjoyed it.

Sanctum 2:  Think Borderlands style carnage meets Tower Defense. It’s fantastic.  Get some friends in on it too if you can.

Sequence:  An RPG that fusion danced with a Rhythm game and then decided to fuse with a really funny and smart little story.  It’s a surprisingly awesome combo.

Strike Suit Zero:  Probably gonna spotlight this soon.  It’s a Fantastic space sim dogfighting game.  You want to be a Gundam pilot?  This game captures that kind of feel VERY well, with great ship dogfighting to boot.

Unreal Tournament 1999:  It’s a classic twitch arena style FPS.  If that’s your thing, this game is a great little nostalgia trip.  At least, it was for me.

Uplink:  You want all the glory of being a hacker, but you don’t want to go to jail, and you don’t want to learn how to sift through code?  This game’s got you covered.  It makes hollywod-hacking really fun.  AND STRESSFUL.  You will be paranoid after just a few missions.

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines:  I spotlighted it.  It’s Deus Ex with Vampires.  What more do I need to say?  It’s amazing!

Psychonauts:  A hilarious and witty platforming adventure romp through the demented minds of various people.  It’s really fun and deserves all the praise it gets.

The Walking Dead:  Ok, I don’t tendto get emotional over games much.  This game almost made me cry.  Ok, no I mean, I got the sniffles for a good twenty minutes but…   Whatever, it’s a fantastic point and click adventure game with great story, characters, and it’ll stick with you for a long long time after you put it down.

Spec Ops The Line:  If you don’t know why you need to play this game, then I’ll just say this:  This game blew my modsbanned mind with the story.  It’s a fantastic deconstruction of the modern military shooter genre.  Not for the faint of heart, though.

And that’s all I got for the moment.  I’m sorry for contributing to the untimely demise of your wallets, friends!

An apology and an update for my RPG.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  I’ve been way too busy.  x_x

Most of my free time has been devoted to making a large scale update for the RPG I shared previously.  And it’s finally done.

Link to my updated RPG.

I’ve added three more optional bosses, lots more NPCs, more story scenes and no more random encounters.  🙂

Now that this is over, I hope I’ll have time to get back to spotlighting games and working on my Nuzlocke run.  Over and out guys!

So I made an RPG in 2 weeks.

First of all, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating.  I got hit with a multi-hit combo that killed all my free time.

First, tons of assignments.  Then I got sick.  Then I had a midterm.

Then, a site I go on decided to hold a contest.  Make an RPG using the demo version of RPGMaker VX Ace in two weeks.

I could not resist.

So I made a game in 2 weeks.  It was pretty grueling.  Between all the scenes, and the maps, and the balancing (oh gosh…the balancing…That took a week on its own), it took every bit of free time I had.

🙂  But I do not regret it.  It was a fun experience.

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering, YES, you CAN play it!

Down below is a link to the game’s profile, which talks about the story, the gameplay, and has the download.


😉  Enjoy everyone.