What are Nuzlocke Challenges?

If you don’t know what a Nulocke Run/Challenge is, I’ll give you the lowdown real quick:

It’s a self-imposed challenge that makes Pokemon games not only much much harder and more stressful, but they also have the interesting side effect of making the player care a lot more about their team members.  There are only two base rules, to which I have added two exceptions.

  • Rule 1:  I am only allowed to capture the first monster I see in any given area (a new area is marked as new route or landmark on the map).
  • Exception a:  If I go to a new area, and the first monster I see is one I have already owned at any point, it doesn’t count.  I can skip it and catch the next one I see.
  • Exception b:  Due to the Safari Zone areas being pretty much 100% luck when it comes to capturing monsters, Rule 1 does not apply.  Instead, I MUST attempt to catch everything I see, and will only stop once I actually capture something.
  • Rule 2:  Any of my monsters that faints is considered “dead” and must either be released, or put in a specified “grave” box in my PC, and can NEVER be used again.

I will be writing up my adventures in a log, written as if I were in the shoes of the main character.  I don’t expect to win any challenges.  I don’t even expect to make it to the Elite Four in some of them.  But I’m going to try anyway, just for the experience.

Enjoy my tears of frustration and loss, for there will surely be many.  🙂


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